Central Sterilization Solutions 3 step process for Sterile Processing Students. Starting with Education, moving on to Career Support, and then Internship Assistance.

CRCST 3-Step Process

Central Sterilization Solutions (CSS) follows a 3-step process with all of our students enrolled in a  Sterile Processing Class or Course. This 3-step process has proven to be highly effective in getting students certified and finding them a career in sterile processing. Central Sterilization Solutions (CSS) was created for professionals at all levels of their careers. Providing a one-of-a-kind education experience to get people into the medical field, fast. Our success is based on our students. CSS will be there from curiosity to job opportunities. With over 35 years of in-the-field experience, CSS was developed by professionals, for professionals. From technicians, leads, managers, and educators, CSS knows what the industry is looking for. For these reasons, our program is so unique compared to the rest.


Step 1: Education

CSS offers 3 ways to learn CRCST Sterile Processing; In-Person Classes, Live Stream Classes, or an Online Course. Each option provides a detailed breakdown of the CRCST Textbook. There is no hands-on training in class, that comes during step 2.

In the beginning, we started teaching In-Person Lectures. As time went on, we wanted to provide a more flexible option that was not restricted to a physical classroom, so we began Live Stream Lectures. Live Stream Lectures provided the same quality information as In-Person Classes, without the need to drive to a class. Students can ask the instructor questions throughout the lecture, just like they would in a classroom. A simple internet connection and a video conferencing app are all that are required. Since these classes are taught by an instructor, students are to follow a specific schedule. The Online Course was developed from our In-Person and Live Stream Classes. The Online course consists of pre-recorded lectures, practice exercises, and quizzes, which are available 24/7.  Students can progress through the Online CRCST Course at their own pace but can get support, as needed.

While attending a class or course, students will learn the fundamentals of Sterile Processing, while following the 24 chapters in the CRCST Textbook and Workbook. Topics learned throughout step 1: Central Service, Medical Terminology, Anatomy for Central Service Techs, Microbiology for Central Service Techs, Regulations, and Standards, Infection Prevention, Decontamination, etc.

From our industry experience, CSS has developed insightful lectures that have helped educate hundreds of students to pass their certifications. After completing the Class/Course, students will be prepared to take the HSPA Provisional CRCST Exam.



Step 2: Career Support

With over 35 years of relevant industry experience, CSS provides resources, tools, and support for our students looking for careers in Sterile Processing. CSS provides resume building, interview prep readiness, and resources to help find employment. Resume building consists of drafting and editing resumes to address key indicators managers may be looking for. Interview readiness has students conduct mock interviews to increase confidence and strengthen interviewee skills. On CSS.COM, students can search for employment in their local areas.

Because of our connections and consistent involvement in the industry, we understand what managers are looking for from technicians. Exercising these resources has helped hundreds of our students find career opportunities. CSS, with the help of 3rd-party partners, will assist with job placement after course completion and certification. With our support, get connected with healthcare facilities that need certified technicians.


Step 3: Internship Hours/Hands-On Training

Since there is no Hands-On training conducted in the classroom, students will complete their required hours in a Sterile Processing department at a local hospital. Central Sterilization Solutions has multiple partnering healthcare locations throughout California. Students will receive assistance to complete the HSPA-required 400 hours of hands-on training. internship completed in a real-world SPD can be more beneficial for students, as it provides a true representation of the Sterile Processing Technicians’ work responsibilities. Students will be required to complete a set of outlined department-by-department requirements, to become fully certified. HSPA has provided a sign-off sheet for CRCST SPD hours, which can be found at MYHSPA.ORG. CSS affiliate healthcare facilities require that our students become provisionally certified before completing their internship hours. Having a Provisional CRCST Certificate demonstrates to our partners the dedication and preparedness of our students.

Finding an internship location can be extremely challenging and continues to be one of the biggest hurdles when becoming certified. This is why CSS continues to grow our In-Network affiliate healthcare partners, so we can best serve our students and industry. In addition to our In-Network facilities, CSS provides our students with a liability insurance policy to assist in obtaining a location for themselves to complete their internship. These locations are considered “Out-of-Network”. For additional assistance, CSS will also recommend Out-of-Network locations that have expressed the desire to accept students but have not officially become CSS-partnered locations.



For more details, check out our CRCST course page: https://centralsterilizationschool.com/certified-registered-central-service-technician-crcst/


FAQ page: https://centralsterilizationschool.com/faq-test/

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