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NEW Episode Release! ?Tune in here: // This week on Confident Certification™, host Sarah B. Cruz, CSPDT, CRCST, CHL, CISteams up with SP education enthusiasts, Chant? Brown, Harry Mullen CRCST CIS CHL CER, and Bobby Parker, to discuss the value of investing in formal training to reach your certification goals. We’re going beyond the textbook to give you the inside scoop on curriculums, study tips, and much more from industry experts who have established….

CSS Sterile Processing Program 

What is this all about?

We are one of California’s top-rated Sterile Processing Trade Schools, teaching the Art & Science of Sterile Processing since 2011. Our highly reputable instructors have over 30 years of experience as Sterile Processing technicians and managers in the field. Our sterile processing school was created by sterile processing experts, to provide our students with a premium industry-leading education. Our team has collected experience from technicians, leads, managers, and educators. .


Students may apply for the current HSPA CRCST Exam online until March 31, 2024.

Students may also apply, via the paper method, submitted by mail, fax, or email until April 12, 2024. Students can schedule to take the provisional and full HSPA CRCST certification exam until the end of May 2024, as stated on the HSPA website.

New Pilot HSPA Exam.
Students who want to take the new pilot exam for their provisional or full certification can start applying as soon as January 19, 2024. After the application is submitted….

Video Conferencing Interview for Sterile Processing Jobs


Remote interviews

Remote interviewing is becoming more common every day. So it might be time to prepare for your virtual interview using your phone or laptop. While enrolled in a CSS Career Support Course, students practice a Sterile Processing interview over Zoom Meetings. From our manager’s years of experience, we have a unique and insightful perspective of what most interviewers are looking for. So we stress the importance of being prepared.

What to wear in a job interview.


What to wear in a Job Interview?

Some of the information in this article may seem basic or common knowledge, but readers would be surprised by the multiple instances where these basics were unknown to the interviewee. The CSS team has had experience in the practice of interviewing candidates and felt it best to provide our opinion on what to wear in a Sterile Processing interview. It is our goal to help our students put the best first forward when seeking new career opportunities.

What are the primary differences between the Zoom live stream classes and the online courses?

Both the Zoom sessions and online courses provide students with a quality education, but which one is best for you?

Live Stream Zoom Class

The Zoom live stream classes are conducted with a live instructor weekly. It depends on the student’s learning style and which class or course best suits their preferences. CSS assists, no matter which version of the course a student enrolls in. 

CSS Premium Sterile Processing 5 Step Process.

The CSS SP 5-Step Process



Central Sterilization Solutions follows a 5-step process with all of our students enrolled in Sterile Processing Classes or Courses. This 5-step process has proven to be highly effective in getting students certified and finding them a career in sterile processing. Central Sterilization Solutions (CSS) was created for professionals at all levels of their careers. Step 1: Education CSS offers 3 ways to learn Sterile Processing; In-Person Classes, Live Stream Classes, or Online Courses.

The Guarded Castle. The challenges with externship and hands-on training.


As a requirement, students seeking full CRCST certification need to complete 400 hours of hands-on training. 

This has been challenging for self-study students and continues to be one of the biggest hurdles of entry “guarded castles” that students may face today. But how do you get your hours? How do you get into the castle and find the gold within?

How to start sterile processing

The best tips for becoming a sterile processing technician!


What is Sterile Processing and why is it importance of sterile processing in healthcare 

Sterile processing is an important part of healthcare that helps to prevent the spread of infection. It is essential that all medical equipment and supplies are properly sterilized to prevent the spread of infections. Sterile processing can also help to ensure the quality of care provided to patients. It is important to


Starting February 10th, 2024.

New In-person Sterile Processing Class in Riverside, CA. Enrollment is open now. Start 2024 by learning Sterile Processing with CSS. 14 sessions will dive into core topics. Prepare for the HSPA Exam with CSS.

Zoom Sterile Processing Class

Live Stream Class starting February 7th, 2024.

Receive the same quality education as our In-person Sterile Processing Classes. Students join our remote Zoom Classes from the comfort of their home. Sessions are up to 2-hours long and are conducted weekly.

In-person Sterile Processing Class in Riverside CA. Starting January 13th, 2024. Enrollment is open now.

14 sessions long. Join an In-person class to learn Sterile Processing as a group. Ask questions and coordinate with your classmates.

Live Stream CRCST August 2nd

CSS allows students to enroll in a class up to 3-4 weeks after the orientation date. We currently have seats available if you would like to join a Live Stream class before September 2023.

Ready to start an afternoon class asap? CSS has late enrollment available for our Riverside Ca classroom. We provide all the tools to catch up.

CSS allows students to enroll in a class up to 3-4 weeks after the orientation date. We currently have seats available if you would like to join a Live Stream class before September 2023.

September 7th - Live Stream

New Live Stream Class starting September 7th, 2023

Video Conference Zoom Sessions

Sessions are held on Thursdays

Riverside CRCST

The new In-Person Class starts September 9th, 2023. Classes are held one day a week. 14 sessions/weeks

Location: Riverside Community Center

Duration: 8 months

5 months education / 3 months externship

Sterile Processing Class Whittier Ca

New Location added. Riverside & Whittier is available. CSS will be hosting a new In-Person CRCST Class. Starting: May 23rd, 2023. 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Location: Whittier Community Center 7630 Washington Ave Whittier, CA 90602 Registration is open now!

Riverside Class registration is available. CSS will be hosting a new In-Person CRCST Class. Starting: May 20th, 2023. 9 am – 11 am. Location:20010 Orange Terrace Pkwy, Riverside Ca, 92508 Registration is open now!

May 18th crcst - Live Stream Sterile Processing

New Live Stream Class starting May 18th, 2023. The class will be held from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm pt. Students will be able to learn sterile processing remotely, then receive assistance with hands-on training, and job placement support. Live Stream will consist of 14 sessions. Each session will be 2 hours long

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9th edition CRCST textbook

What’s going on with the 9th Edition CRCST Textbook?

An expected updated from HSPA is upon us. Central Sterilization Solutions has continued to provide all our students with the latest edition of CRCST material. 

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Sterile Processing Articles

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Epidemics have visited humanity throughout its existence, often redirecting the course of history.  Disease outbreaks have ravaged and, at times, signaled the end of entire civilizations.

Skeletons in a mass grave

CEU Training during down time.

Date 3/23/20

During slow time in a sterile processing department, the hospital often times resorts to cutting back on staff in order to save money.  But is this the right thing to do?  We have to ask ourselves, is the training in the department up to the standards that it needs to be?

What is Sterile Processing?

Date 01/01/20

SPD is one of the most overlooked but most vital departments of a hospital. Becoming a Sterile Processing Technician is also one of the fastest ways to get into the medical field. Central Sterilization Solutions (CSS) wants to bring insight to a rewarding and impactful career that is

Are we wasting valuable resources during this pandemic? 

Date 04/10/20

The following are recommendations that CSS is sharing with our clients. Recommendations are based on information we have obtained through various agencies such as the CDC, FDA and relevant vendors.