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With over 35 years of relevant industry experience, CSS provides resources, tools, and support for our students seeking careers in Sterile Processing. CSS provides resume building, interview prep readiness, and resources to help find employment. Resume building involves drafting and editing resumes to address key indicators managers may seek. Interview readiness has students conduct mock interviews to increase confidence and strengthen interviewee skills. On CSS.COM, students have the ability to search for employment in their local areas.

Because of our connections and consistent involvement in the industry, we understand what managers are looking for from technicians. Exercising these resources has helped hundreds of our students find career opportunities. CSS, with the help of 3rd-party partners, will assist with job opportunities after course completion and certification. With our support, get connected with healthcare facilities that are in need of certified technicians.

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Resume Building

As a professional job seeker or applicant, one of the most crucial documents you’ll ever need to present is your resume. A resume is the primary means by which you can showcase your skills, experience, education, achievements, and other essential details to potential employers. It serves as your introduction and also acts as a formal document that can make or break your job application. Your resume is an essential tool to market yourself to prospective employers, and it can open or close doors to future opportunities. CSS wants to help our students put their best foot forward, which is why we provide you with the tools and resources for your new career in Sterile Processing.

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Interview Readiness

CSS helps students conduct mock interviews. Mock interviews can help position students for career opportunities. Practice interviews allow students to create effective responses, work on nonverbal communication skills, and become familiar with common sterile processing job questions.

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