I Wish I Had

Last year I went to an independent instructor and paid over $550 to take the course. I thought I was doing well in the class. I did well on the chapter quizzes and I even passed the final exam with a 92% and my instructor told me I was ready to take the state exam. I was so excited that I schedule it right away so I wouldn’t forget what I learned. Well after taking it twice and failing both times I was ready to give up. A friend of mine went to this school and is already working in the field. He told me to call Harry and talk with him. I called and I made an appointment with Harry the very next day. He explained to me that it was not my fault, that the other instructor just didn’t teach me how to study for the exam. Harry shared with me how and what to study. 2 weeks later I took the exam and passed. I was so excited so I called Harry, he was genuinely happy for me. To top it all off, Harry never tried to sign me up for the school. This school is about the people passing. Not the money. I wish I had taken the class here. All I know is that I am referring my friends and family to this school. When I went to the other instructor and told her the problem I was having in passing the test, all she could say is that I must not have been studying the books right. In my book, there is only one school everyone should go to in Riverside for Sterile Processing, that is Central Sterilization Solutions!!!