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Terms and conditions for referral program

We are very proud that the school since its beginning from 2011 has had the ability to offer past students a referral fee for promoting the school and our curriculum to new potential students. This has been our primary way of continuing our business each year. We have been blessed by our students and by those they have shared our mission with. It gives us great pleasure to announce that we will continue the practice of rewarding students for speaking so highly about us and our program.

As we proceed, we must look from time to time at our reward program in order to keep up with the times. Because of this, we have decided to make things clear and post our referral policy online for all to see.


CSS Past Student Referral Program – 8/2020


We offer to all students a referral of $150 for each qualifies referral.

A qualified referral is defined as a student that has completed making all tuition payments.

Certain rules apply in order to receive the fee.


  1. When talking to potential students that you wish to refer to the school, be sure that you gather their full information for your records. Be sure the person you have referred knows your full name and contact information. We will ask the new student how they heard about our program in order to understand the relationship.
  2. Referred student or the past student making the referral must notify the school prior to or on the date of enrollment. Once a student has enrolled and if the school was not notified that the new student is a referral, then referral fee is waived. We must clarify this policy because we have had calls several months after a class has ended asking where the referral fee is.
  3. Referred student must have paid full tuition in order for the referral fee to be issued. If new student is making payments, once all payments have been made, the fee will be issued. Partial payments for a referral are not an option.
  4. Past student may wish to donate their referral fee to the student who was referred. Said referral fee is applied at the end of the payments unless the new student is paying in full upfront.
  5. Should a past student submit numerous and ongoing referrals, said past student must supply a W9 to the school for tax purposes.
  6. In order for the school to require a W9, the person receiving fees must have received $500 or more during any tax issuing year.
  7. This referral policy is subject to change anytime. The school will abide by the policy that is currently posted on the schools website.
  8. In the event that there is a dispute between individuals claiming to have spoken to a potential student first, the school will investigate all parties involved. If it cannot be determined who started the referral process, no referral will be issued.
  9. All final decisions on any dispute will be at the discretion of the program director.
  10. By participating in the referral program, you automatically agree to the terms posted on the schools website.


CSS Non-Student Referral Program – 8/2020


At times we do get referrals from individuals who have not been a student of the school or who are in the process of enrolling and bringing in an additional student with them.

Additional rules that do apply to non-students and new students enrolling into a program.

  1. The rules & policy as stated in the “CSS Past Student Referral Program – 8/2020” are in effect.
  2. Referral fee is $100