Virtual Classroom

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Virtual classes are simple, fast and easy to take. Classes are happening all the time, so they are easy to join. This step by step guide should help answer most questions you may have about our virtual program.

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Step 1. Select your class.

Choose the financial option and class schedule that best fits your life style.

Then we send you your course material in the mail

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Step 2. Joining the class.

Course sessions are held once a week at a specific date and time. You will be joining the virtual classroom with others while the instructor breakdown 2 chapters of information. (This will be the time to engage and ask questions).

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Step 3. Week by week.

After each class there will be homework and quizzes to complete before the next session. There are 24 chapters with homework, quizzes and a final exam so study hard!

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Imagine representing the final exam and state exam for CRCST

Step 4. CSS Final Exam.

After reading the course material and taking the chapter quizzes, you’re ready for our final exam. The final exam is timed. You will have 2 hours to complete the 175 questions.

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Step 5. The State Exam.

Once you have taken our final exam. It’s time to take the state test. You will have to schedule this out but don’t worry, we will help with that!

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Step 6. Hands on training.

At this point it’s time to glove up and put that education to work. At a local facility you will have to volunteer 400 hours and get signed off by a manager.

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At this point you are ready to apply for a job as a Certified Sterile Processing Technician!

Our experiences educators will then help you revise or create a resume for your job interview.

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Online isn’t for me

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